What is El Sol Salsa?

El Sol Foods makes authentic, fresh homemade-style salsas. We use a variety of fresh vegetables daily to bring out the most flavor in every salsa.

What’s the difference between jarred salsa and El Sol Salsa?

El Sol Foods Salsa is a hand-made salsa prepared daily with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapeño peppers and a pinch of garlic and salt. El Sol Fresh Homemade Salsa is made daily, unlike shelf-stable jarred salsa that are typically loaded with unhealthy ingredients.

Where is El Sol Salsa located?

El Sol Salsa operates from our headquarters in Gilbert, AZ.

When did El Sol get its start?

The In 1987, El Sol Mexican Cafe and Bakery in Chandler started serving their house-made salsa. In 2005, the owners’ son-in-law began distributing the salsa in local grocery stores. The goal for El Sol has always been to make salsa like it has been handed down for generations in the De La Cruz family.

Does El Sol Salsa carry an organic line of products?

El Sol does carry an organic line that consists of mild, medium and hot.

Product Availability

Where can I buy El Sol Salsa? You can find El Sol Salsa at Walmart, Bashas’, Safeway, Kroger, Albertson’s, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Wal-Mart Supercenters.

Where do I find El Sol Salsa in the grocery store?

El Sol salsa can be found in the Refrigerated deli , dairy or produce departments.

What is the shelf life after opening your salsa?

It depends on how our salsa is stored and used. If the salsa remains at room temperature for 2-4 hours then discard. If the salsa is portioned out for immediate enjoyment and the remaining is put back in the fridge then it’s good for up to two weeks.  We prefer our customers to enjoy our salsa within 5 – 7 days after opening.

Can you freeze El Sol Salsa?

We do not recommend freezing our salsa.

Is it a fruit or a vegetable?

Tomatoes and jalapenos are actually fruits, not vegetables loaded with many health benefits.

How do you say sauce in Spanish?

“Salsa” is the Spanish word for sauce.